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freelance graphic designer

I am a freelance graphic designer with over twenty years’ experience working in graphic design – visual identity, brand development, arts & theatre marketing, print & digital design and website design.

As a conscientious design professional, I like to develop close client relationships, which consistently help deliver successful creative solutions.

Reliable and attentive with good communication and liaison skills, I’m confident taking on projects at all stages from initial concept through to completed job.

visual identity
brand development
arts & theatre marketing
print & digital design
website design


Some clients like to take a hands-on detailed approach while others prefer less involvement in the design process. Either way, we can work together and while I'll take care of the creative process, I ensure the client always remains in control of the project and the budget. My aim is to create design solutions that work for your audience - to deliver successful design with visual impact.

I offer a customised graphic design service with a high level of care and attention to detail. I will ensure your project a safe passage from concept to completion.

Successful design conveys core values and promotes communication with simplicity and clarity

visual identity

Understanding brand and implementation is key to developing a visual identity. I use a staged design journey process to deliver successful design solutions.

print & digital design

There are subtle but important differences between designing for print and designing for digital viewing. I’m trained and experienced in both disciplines with a track record of implementing successful solutions for both.

marketing design

Design is valuable asset to communicate and promote ideas. I have experience working in digital and print marketing across various sectors including arts & theatre and business.

website design

Modern websites need to both look good and be easy to navigate on any device. I design bespoke websites following contemporary web design principles – information architecture and content led, mobile first responsive design. I also offer website design consultancy and can work with web-developers.


Clients include: arts & theatre marketing, small and medium-sized businesses, arts education, charity sector, start-ups and visual artists.

examples & case studies:

arts & theatre marketing, logo design, visual identity, brand implementation, print and website design...

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logo design
visual identity


I’m art-school educated and have a BA (Hons) Degree in Graphic Design and an MA Masters Degree in printmaking & digital print. I developed my professional design skills working with an international corporation’s visual identity and freelancing for many ad & design agencies in London. I have over twenty years’ professional experience working in graphic design. I continue to research and develop my skills keeping abreast of the latest trends in graphic design and developments in design and web technologies. I'm proficient in current design software and implementing industry standards.

art-school educated & design industry trained


freelance graphic designer

1996 – present

graphic design: logo design & visual identity, visual communication, brand development, advertising & marketing, arts & publicity, design for print & online and website design

clients include: small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs & start-ups, education sector, charity sector, arts & theatre

agency graphic designer

1990 – 1996

London design & ad agencies

working through The Corps Business with many leading London ad & design agencies, clients included: blue chip companies, leading brands and publishers

graphic designer & studio manager

1986 – 1990

John Hartley & Partners

design, artwork and resources for BP (British Petroleum) London office, covering worldwide visual identity

freelance: design for arts & visual artists


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